Jodi profile Linked In 2Jodi Floyd

Director, “Reel Jobs” Program

Jodi Floyd oversees the “Reel Jobs” component of the Earl Jones Institute.

Jodi is a successful entrepreneur and business owner.  She has a Masters Degree in Counseling and over 20 yeas of experience as a Certified Case Manager and Vocational Counselor.

Jodi co-owned a Rehabilitation Company that provided on-the-job training opportunities for the underserved population in Central Florida, resulting in gainful employment.

Jodi was also the founder of a National Translation and Interpretation Company and is considered an expert in Cultural Diversity training and education.

Jodi has created and funded numerous local and national philanthropic service organizations that provide food and jobs for the less fortunate.

She has also started several charities that provide financial and promotional support for emerging artists that use music to promote positive causes.